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Laptop Hard Drive


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Just so you know that "white stuff" is actually a special paste that directs heat away from the processor and to the heat sync. If this was the problem then that meant that the reason the computer kept resetting was becasue it was overheating big time. The heat from the processor is suppose to melt it to help bond the heat sync to the processor for better heat flow but I guess adding a bit more would help.



Also sorry about the laptop. I wish we could help you more with it.

Yeah, i was acting silly in my post put i knew it overheated since it burned my brothers hand off.


And about my laptop, its alright i guess. If i could just get it to turn on, but i think it bricked. I have a better and new compuer now.


But a big thanks to all of you who helped me with this and my many problems that have occured and soon to come :rolleyes: .

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