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Last year I started to play all those games I never knew they existed before I get a classic psx console. One of these titles is Parasite Eve. I guess I saw a cover where a blonde girl like Jill from Resident Evil then I got the idea to try it someday...



It's strange but most of the game I like there should be a female character like Lara croft in order to make it interesting.. unless it is a fighting game (but what about Dead or Alive?? )... or robots like macross...



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It's a nice RPG game, I love this one. You should get it :P



Ups!... I didn't realized until now that it was a RPG game lol.... now that I think about it... you're right.. it's like Final Fantasy for raising your level and getting new abilities... etc etc... :)





Hey Agozer.... you seem to be quite cold.. lol... but maybe you're right .... ;)

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You had to cheat to beat her?


Wow even I didn't do that, and I cheat all the time.


(fixed what I typed, I am mindless)

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Just for craps and giggles I decided to load my old Parasite Eve game, and these were my stats...*


Lv 99


Offense: 99 +2

Defense: 99

PE Energy: 99

Status Recover: 99

Active time: 99

Item Capacity: 99


Weapon: MAG


Attack: 531 (151 base + 380)

Range: 260 (185 base + 75)

Bullets: 93 (20 base + 73)


Abilities: cyanide, acid, tranquilizer, critical increase, burst, triple attack, quickdraw


Armor: Cr Armor 2


Defense: 355 (106 base + 249)

P. Energy: 162 (102 base + 60)

Critical: 114 (48 base + 66)


Abilities: Resist(poison, confusion, stiffness, blind), Auto medicine, auto cure status, attack up, item carry +4, HP max up


I also went through the Chrysler building and beat the final boss there without too much trouble. She was only able to damage me once. After that, I thought it would be funny to beat the game normally. Eve and the ultimate being were a flocking joke. Each form went down in like 2-5 hits, and none of their attacks seemed to have done any damage... it was rather amusing... :>


*note that I didn't use any cheating device what so ever. That was all level grinding and careful planning with weapon modification

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