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[8/3/07] Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

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Published by: Atari

Developed by: Avalanche Software

Genre: Action Adventure

Number of Players: 1-2

Release Date:

US: March 22, 2005

Also Released For: PS2/GC



DBZ Sagas is a Action/Adventure game that I do not exactly enjoy for the most part. This game is just a repetitive, tedious, short, and buggy game, that you can finish in hours. This game is not worth even renting, not even if you are a hardcore DBZ fan, still, don't buy nor buy this game. This game will make you despise DragonBall with a passion, because this game is quite horrible.





The game includes many different combinations of attacks that can be made on an enemy, pressing different buttons variates the moves that are initiated. This game has upgrades, which allows you to gain new moves, and new abilities, or just flat out makes your attacks stronger. This ability to fly can be great to travel without having to fight monsters or trying to escape confrontation.




The charging of blasts makes it so your attack is stronger, powering up also allows you to regain your ki power. The teleporting feature can be quite useful in troublesome situations. It can help you gain access to enemies in a much quicker way. You can also teleport while powering up a blast, and shooting it behind the enemies back to create a quick and effective attack.




It is too easy to discover different bugs and glitches while playing this game. After committing different combos, your character freezes for a split second, which can get annoying andbothersome. The flying is good, but it still has some bad factors, such as: you can't fly up or down, you have to jump from a high area, to fly high, which is very weird, I never remembered in the anime, when characters had to jump high in the air, then start flying. Sometimes, the boundaries are too small, you would be fighting and out of nowhere, you hit a wall, which can be irritating at times. Other problems, like when you teleport behind an enemy, you just get hit automatically, not having enough time to recuperate.




The SSJ transformations only last for about 45 seconds. SSJ is basically the heat of the game, but then it's nothing, and it doesn't even activate that much of a boost, in any way. Sometimes when fighting bosses, you can't make damage unless you are a SSJ, and it takes about forever to fill up your SSJ gauge, and it's not even worth filling up in the first place. Throughout the whole game, your button mashing your way through poorly made story lines. Each hit you land fills up the gauge slowly but surely.




The fact of unlocking characters is good, but on that note, there isn't a point of unlocking characters, because you can't do much with them, considering that there is not a VS. mode. I have no idea of what Atari was thinking about, when they made this game. I know every one says this, but there is basically no other way to say it. The team mode can be fun at times, but when your teammate is charging his/her beam, the screen freezes, it's annoying when you are busy beating up monsters, and out of nowhere, the screen freezes, then you have to wait until the blast in launched to keep playing. The graphics are very horrible indeed, it does not even compare to Boudakai 1 I am afraid.




This bosses are way too difficult/strong to beat, even when easy mode is activated, the bosses are still hot headed and beam spamming.









Grade: D

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