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Daun, Daun, DA!! :D


Hey Emsley, long time no speak hehe.

Well not that many people are here today because we are doing a reinstallation thing for our server. Hopefuly if its successful I can start boosting this place up again. Also once I do that, this place should be pumping up posts again. Right now people are on the LAZY mood. :ph34r:


PS: Some new things, we finally got Eugen Popovici out of the way of the scene, we converted from phpBB to Invision Board, and some other cool things. I'll give you the inside scoop after we fix the server. :)

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Full me in?

sounds good to me because i am a nosey bugger after all :D


Well im back and hopefully to stay for lot longer this time [Emsley imagines posts at 10000]





XXL enigma left the scene then? i think we will get buy without him.

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10000 posts. thats freaky :ph34r:


Btw, I dont think you missed much except a few reviews, rom sector got shut down, Eugen Popovici (told about), etc.


Also, I still have my Uber L33t Moderator Title :D

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Hellz Yah!!!! emsley's back in action!!!! :D


did ya fix the prob with your usb drivers dude? i hope so.


its good to have ya back anyways. :) dont go away again, YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!! YOU SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT!!!! :ph34r:

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