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This is the most amazing thing to happen to the music community. For the first time, in more than 5 countries at the same time, there are concerts promoting self awareness to global warming.


Not that I'm much of an environmentalist, but I think it's awesome.


On the LiveEarth website, you can select any country you want to watch the concert in. :)

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I think it a good idea, but some people (like my) still believe that global warming is still a myth.

Then let me educate you. Global Warming does exist, except it's a nature cycle that happens every 250ish years, the problem is, in our era, we're actually speeding up the process, throwing the nature cycle out of wack and causing several problems, such as not giving enough time for speices to natureally adjust to the changes and the water level is raising, which that itself is bound to cause problems.


Ending note: Since I started watching wee early in the morning catching both the Japanese feed and the last 3 bands of the Sydney set and watched the rest of the concerts the rest of the day on my TV, a f'n amazing show. Great set of bands across globe. If I had to rate which was the best one to catch;


Highlights are in ( ).


1. Tokyo/Kyoto (Xzibit, Genki Rockets, AI, Ai Otsuka, Cocco, Linkin Park, Koda Kumi/Bonnie Pink, Yellow Magic Orchestra)

2. New York/Washington (John Mayer, Alicia Keys, Dave Matthews Band, Smashing Pumpkins, Roger Waters, The Police/Blues Nation)

3. London (Genesis, Razorlight, Damien Rice & David Gray, Paolo Nitini with an excellent cover of What a Wonderful World, Beastie Boys, Metallica, Spinal Tap)

4. Shanghai (Evonne Hsu, SOLER, Joey Hung, 12 Girls Band, Sarah Brightman)

5. Hamburg (Shakira w/ Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, Sasha, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Cornell)

6. Sydney (Wolfmother, John Walker, Crowded House [during the last song on their main set, the power to the stage's lights were cut off, promoters took action and turned on all the stadium lights, also brought a huge sing along during the encore])

7. Johannesburg (Angelique Kidjo, Joss Stone)

8. Rio de Jeanrio (Pharrell Williams, Macy Gray, Lenny Kravitz)


Tokyo/Kyoto show was personally my favorite, high energy feel during the Tokyo set and getting nice and mellow on the Kyoto show.


New York/Washington is my second favorite, while having a very good festival vibe during the New York set, Washington with Blues Nation was ok at best, Blues Nation was the saving grace. Also DMB playing = awesome.


London is just all around fun, good choices, excellent sing alongs (Que Sera, Sera during Rice & Gray set was top) and crowd waves. Also had the Beastie Boys doing Intergalactic.


Shanghai, what can I say, the women who preformed are lookers, sing well, speak damn good english. Hsu & Hung are personally my favorite to come out of Shanghai.


Hamburg, a decent show, Shakira was smoking, Snoop tore the house, Sasha being Sasha, Iglesias set was entertaining, Cornell was excellent as always.


Sydney, well I wish I caught the entire show. Wolfmother was sweet, John Walker was mellow and Crowded House brought the house (pun intented) down, and the power along with it.


Johannesburg was boring, but I put it up because I absolutely love Joss Stone.


Rio was also boring, minor excitment during Macy and Williams' set, only caught 2 songs by Lenny.


Edit: Heading out to FIFA U20 tomorrow (Sunday) to catch the Portugal game.

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