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Microsoft extends 360 Warranty to 3 Years...

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I've read that m$ has started to send back the XBOX 360's with a new heatsink. Therefore, it seems that they have implemented some sort of preventive fix if you send your 360 in for repair.


However, it pisses me off that they don't setup some sort of do-it-yourself kit that someone can buy or obtain for free from their website to prevent the 360 from failing. I just read on Yahoo News that m$ will be losing $1 billion from all the XBOX 360 repair costs. This is obviously a rampant problem and I wouldn't be surprised if statisticians are going to start estimating the failure rate of the XBOX 360.


Nevertheless, I purchased an XBOX 360 last year with some money I saved up. It's been gathering dust and I'm contemplating now if I should try to resell it and get the money now before it gives me the red rings. I'd probably buy a Wii instead and use the rest of the money for something else. What would you do?

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I would no doubt keep it. Also about the DYI suggestion, well, only the tech savvy would do it, which isn't their main user base.

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Gc keep it.


Blue Dragon

Project Sylpheed

Two Worlds

Mass Effect

Too Human

Halo 3

Devil may Cry 4

Assassins Creed


Project Gotham Racing 4

Fable 2

Medal Of Honor Airborne

Alane Wake


All those EA Sports Games


I know there is more to the list but I can't think of them atm.

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