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CPS3 Tile Compression Part 2

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These guys are seriously on a roll.

Dox made a suggestion, I implemented it, and now the tile DMA is fixed.


Basically the RLE byte should affect the last normal byte before it, NOT the byte after it. This simplifies the code, and produces much better results.



>>Source And more Screenies

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Yeah, ElSemi has some pretty good sprites now





I guess it will be on speksnk when they update.


the main problem we’re both having right now is finding the global sprite offsets. I *think* they might be tied to the layer scrolling, as the games have various sprites which make parts of the bg layers, yet their offsets never change when the screen scrolls. They seem to have a aingle additional value in the sprite entry which may mean ‘tie me to the scrolling of layer x’

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