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CPS3 Tile Compression Part 2

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I take it that you included Haze's CPS-3 code into your own build, yes? Good to know that the speed is fine.



Yes, Not sure what it will be like once everything is fully emulated though.

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CPS3 Tile Compression Part 3


Sean’s Stage in SFIII New Generation uses a different compression scheme to the other games. For some reason, Capcom decided that one stage, in one game would use a different system. The Compression used on this level supports 8bpp tiles instead of 6, thus allowing for more colours, but a less efficient compression scheme. I’ve spent some time looking at this, and mostly figured out how it works. There are still a few problems, but I now have reocgnizable background tiles at least.

sean2qo5.th.jpg sean3sc0.th.jpg

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