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MK vs. SF 3


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The first two were posted here some time ago but i'll post the links anyway. The 3rd episode was just released recently.


Episode 1: here

Episode 2: here


Episode 3


Don't bother with the dialogue, just skip to the fight scenes.

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Woot. Didn't think he was going to do a third one.


Edit: It was pretty awesome. The author is very good flash artist and the animations were very smooth. Fighting scenes were unbelievable :D

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Akuma: Ryu... *I* am your father.

Ryu: That's not true... that's impossible!

Akuma: Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Ryu: Well, I *can* do the shun goku satsu... (Seriously, wtf?)


Didn't know there were 3. Good find mate.

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