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Counter-Stike Source vs Counter-Strike 1.6/CZ

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The only reason I prefer CS and tactical shooters over "arcade" Shooters is because granted there's more luck with the aiming aspect in CS and such. But at least there's aiming. I play online a lot and usually with the arcade shooters; it's just everyone jumping around like monkeys making everyone resorting to spread/rocket weapons. Plus, I don't like the whole "Put your cursor on the target and fire away". I rather take the time to aim and hit my shot. In addition, the fact that there is no recoil in these "arcade" shooters makes it even more ridiculous. Example is a machine gun. Move slower in tactical shooters and it takes a while to put away and set up vs Move the same speed as a pistol but do more damage.


CS 1.6 pro mod sound intriguing. But cs1.6 is decent enough already. Just a few stupid bugs :D

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Yeah but the aiming in CS and CS:S is terrible if your looking for realistic. Especially 1.6


I've shot real guns like those before, and guns simply don't shoot that way in real life. Which makes it really frustrating to play, If we used guns that inaccurate and sensitive to movement we would all be screwed in any kind of firefight.


Most of it is the characters fault, Supposedly you are some kind of spec ops with training for all these guns yet he can't hold/shoot it right without all this ridiculous recoil? Thats crap.


Awesome games anyway though. Realistic doesn't always=good.

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I have CS1.6 and i'm think about get CS:S but i'm not sure if i should get it in store, through steam, or not at all. like u guys said source isn't that much better but how's the graphic and it's only $20. Also i've been thinking about gettin The orange box but not sure if i should

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Wow this thread is pretty much Dead, but since Ive been playing CSS so much recently, I have to post here... I was a beta child and then spent my CS hardcore days on 1.6 before taking an extended leave of absence from the game (right about when Source came out) Now my husband has taken it up again and has dragged me back (ok so maybe I didnt complain much) point is that imo source besides from having slight changes in map and graphics is exactly the same as 1.6.. More people play it now of course, but there are still the same amount of hackers, same crappy servers for pugs and same over abundance of wannabe teams lol.. But One big difference is that most servers now inforce a "Rate" caps at like 30 or 66 or some bs... which pretty much sucks... That and the league start money now being at 16000 first round is bs too... Coming from an old CAL player, the pistol round could make or break a team win but now both teams get to all start with AWPs??... :ph34r: *sigh*

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