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Mame 0.114u3


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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


cannonb078u6yel [couriersud]

hatris0111u4gre [couriersud]

pipedrm0111u4gre [couriersud]

galaxianc058gre [couriersud]

ssf2ghw0114u1yel [Aaron Giles]



Source Changes


Additional CDP1802 updates, taken from MESS. [Curt Coder]


Fixed colors in One + Two. [Tomasz Slanina]


Made the PowerPC dynarec options runtime configurable. [Ville Linde]


Added save state support to the hatris/pipedrm driver. [couriersud]


Corrected Moustache Boy main cpu interrupt rate, main cpu clock freq, and screen refresh rate according to measurements on a real PCB. [Tormod Tjaberg]


Separated the DECO and Mitchell games in the simpl156 driver and added more extensive documentation. [brian Troha]


Fixed analog controls in Solar Assault. [Ville Linde]


Changed the options code so that ranges are specified on the option_entry structure, and enforced when option values are changed. [Nathan Woods]


Further improved the ROZ layer emulation in the K001604. [Ville Linde]


Konami ZR107 update: [Ville Linde]

- Fixed sound hardware check in Winding Heat

- Changed to use the correct tilemap chip type

- Hooked up analog controls

- Fixed texture rom loading and texture decoding

- Improved the 2D tilemaps


Introduced a mame_options_exit() call to complement mame_options_init(). [Nathan Woods]


Added a mame_fopen_options() call, similar to mame_fopen() but with the ability to specify a core_options object to use. [Nathan Woods]


Improved noise emulation in the SN76496 emulator. Added several variants which differ based on the noise generator and other parameters. [Lord Nightmare]


Changed all plot_pixel and read_pixel calls to BITMAP_ADDRXX macros. Removed the now-obsolete functions. [Zsolt Vasvari]


Added support for aliasing sound types. This allows minor variants in sound cores to share the same fundamental "type" so that the same sndti_* functions can be used regardless of the subtype. [Aaron Giles]


Changed location of save state files. Now they are placed in the / directory. Auto-generated save state files have the name "auto.sta". All other save state files are named .sta. [Aaron Giles]




New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status


Midnight Run [Ville Linde]

Winding Heat [Ville Linde]



New clones added


Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Euro 950316) [Johan Samuelsson, Nicola Salmoria]

Terra Force (set 2) [stefan Lindberg]



New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING


Kokoroji 2 [David Haywood]


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