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nullDC Screenshots Thread

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two photos: (click)







Use Fraps to take screenshots

(Or printScreen to paste on Paint)



ps: ¿how can i attach an image instead of linking?

i don´t see any attach button

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I'll post some screens as soon as I get some worthwhile games and a good screenshot util... :naughty:



what u need screenshot util for? just press "prt sc" OR "print screen" on your keyboard, go to mspaint or other picture editor, then paste and save!


prt sc or print screen makes a snapshot of your screen.

my dumb-ass friend uses adobe photoshop cx to make screenshots!


my friens is a dumb-shyt!! he keeps calling me a dumb shyt and he has a new computer. man i wish i had a new computer. i am stuck with a crappy sony vaio pcg-r505gl laptop computer with 3 mins battery and i have to dock my computer to use the dvd drive. to add to that i have windows xp sp3 home edition and i had to disable hardware excelleration because my screen would cloud over until it is white then go to 16- colour mode and 640x480 resoloution whenever i play too many videos, play games or change the video settings!! f*cking retarded!!! my grandma gave the laptop to me cause she got a new one with vista on it. if i get a new computer i will not get vistta because it sucks on a laptop! ok... im done ranting about my crappy computer now... oh whait till u hear about my last computer! it was an ibm thinkpad (now made by lenovo).it used to have good battery until ot got dropped. it started to fall apart after that. eventually, it overheated 5 times got got water spilled on it twice. then the screen started flickering for a week. no biggie. then the thing that controls the screen backlight melted or something cause it smelled like burnt plastic. then, i plugged it into a desktop computer screen thing. i used it like that. then 3 days later, i changed the screen settings and it crashed during the process. i got pissed off, so i went to bed. then, the next day, i had to do a project on it, and it would not work!! it would start but it wont start windows. i didn't have the original installation disc for windows xp. i did have a pirated one but it didnt work. it would run bios settings and ms-dos. i got mad so i ripped it apart to get to the hard drive. i managed to get it out but the computer was mutilated (who f*cking cares?). it wouldnt fit any desktop without a special cord thing. (laptops will only fir 1 hard drive usually and my hard drive cannot be booted from). so for a couple of days, i looked for a decent used laptop computer (fat chance). then a week later my grandma gave me heer old laptop wich used to be my aunts laptop wich used to be my uncles laptop. talk about recycling! but my new old computer is working quite well so i am pleased with it even though it says "sony corporation © 2005" on the bottom.


wow this belong s in a blog but blogs are gay so... whatever.

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