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  1. Is the scope supposed to be blury in silent scope? lol, I dont remember...its been a while (I dont think it is) Anyways, Silent scope works nice except for the actual scope part being blury, anyone know what I am talking about?
  2. Eh, I'm not really sure anymore after I took a look at my images and some misc DC docs on my computer... There's a really good chance that you're right and I'm wrong. The fact that it's been ages since I've seen a BIN/CUE Dreamcast image supports your statement. Still, I could swear that I've gotten a BIN/CUE pair to work just fine on DC emulator. Keith: Don't follow my advice and do convert the BIN files to CDI. That won't automatically make the game selfboot, so you still have to use a bootdisc or hack the image to make it selfboot. Yeah, too much work (over my head). I can live without virtua tennis
  3. I have the same problem with Virtua Tennis .bin file...cant get it to work at all...? nulldc crashes when I go to load it... Whats the difference between the opening .bin/elf file and loading it? why do they have both options...do you know??? Keith
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