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[7/30/03] Street Fighter EX 2 Plus

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Game: Street Fighter EX 2 Plus

System: Arcade / PSX

Emulators: Zinc, Impact

Reviewed From: Arcade Version



Many, many people have not ever heard about this game! Sadly enough to say it is the last, as we know, 3D street fighter game ever made. Includes around 20 characters and 100% 3D Characters! I don't know about the backgrounds, but about 65% of the game in total is 3D. The backgrounds are what we would call, "Tekken Style". You can see like a ring or platform thats trying to mix in with other backgrounds and you are fighting on it. The game was made around 1998, 1999, so I wouldn't say its that old. But don't forget were in 2003 now, so this game is a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT from Street Fighter EX.

There are no more choppy characters or "Blocky" characters that you would see in a THQ Wrestling Game back for Nintendo 64. Characters are a lot more smoothed out and more realistic. There is also a Street Fighter EX 2 (not Plus) which is fairly the same as the game I am reviewing now, but it lacks some new features and small improvements and bugs not found in the EX 2 Plus version. Another great thing about this game is the music. When have you heard techno styled Ryu music? Well this game does the trick with revamped music for about half the characters. The rest are randomly chosen trance techno style music. You need a high end pc to run this game if you want to emulate it, which I don't condone. Also this game has some of the coolest finishers you will ever see. It has Hyper Combo's, and of course lots of lighting effects to go with it. They also introduced some new characters such as: Skullo, Area, Sharon, Doctrine Dark, and others.


The music gets you really in tuned with the game and by far it's a big improvement from the JAZZ music in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and the "Original" 2D music from the Street Fighter Series. The one letdown in this game has to be though, the speed. Its no where as close the speed of games like Xmen Vs. Street Fighter or any of the other 2D Street Fighter games. Sometimes it feels like your in the air forever. And other times you just can't wait for that fireball to hit the other guy. Most people who emulate this game will experience lots of frame rendering problems and your probabally going to have to turn on frame skip for this game.


As I stated before, a high end PC is needed for this game. As we all know when you play it in the Arcade is when you really get the feel of the game. 60FPS, all throughout the game, instead of a stuttering 30FPS emulating it. Some other stuff that bothered me in the game was the poor backgrounds. I mean, its sad how they can work so much on the characters and not even make a decent background. They also didn't make some of the moves to work on all sides. For example with Vega or Balrog you can throw someone on the screen. Basically your banging another characters head against the TV Screen. But the characters don't know which side the TV screen is so sometimes instead of throwing them straight at you, they throw him behind in the background. So you see the guy throwing the other character on a flat background. You also have to realize these background aren't fully rendered. They are like green screens, there is no through the background. Also one thing that shocked me was that one of the characters they introduced, Sharon, actually uses a Gun as one of her weapons.




This is the first time I have ever seen a gun used in a Street Fighter game. Not a X-MEN game or Marvel game, Street Fighter game. And it actually looks like a gun, not like one of those toy guns. Also this game was actually only released in Japan (not the PSX version). So about 60% of the world hasn't played this game from its actual Arcade system. It also one of the rare games for IMPACT (now Zinc) that were fully emulated, unlike Tekken 1 & 2. You will most likely beat this game very fast, there isn't that much skill needed to finish this game in less than 3 hours. GamePad's for this game can be a little annoying if your emulating it, so stick with the keyboard.


Well thats it for today, GameCop here, over and out.


Speed: 6.8

GamePlay: 8.5

Graphics: 8.9

Sound: 9.0


Overall Score: 8.3


Grade: B


Overall I give this game a :roll: !

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Many, many people have not ever heard about this game! Sadly enough to say it is the last, as we know, 3D street fighter game ever made.

There is Street Fighter EX 3 for PS2.

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