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Noobz: "Hello World" on PSP firmwares 2.00 to 3.03!

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You remember that the only thing holding us back from a downgrader for v3.03 was the lack of a user-mode exploit?


Well, we don't like to be held back from anything, so we went back to basics and looked over some of the old exploits. And what do you know? We found one!


We did a little digging into the old GTA exploit, and discovered that it hadn't been properly patched after all. We'll leave it as an exercise for the interested reader to figure out exactly how we got past the patch (and to give Sony a little while longer before the head-slapping "Doh!" moment :huh:).


But the short version is that we can now run code again via Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories. You want some proof? Check out the Goofy Hello World download below.

Note: In order to run this, you need a UMD of the un-patched version of GTA:LCS.

Source / Download

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Wow, awesome news. A lot of noobs will be very happy about this. (except for the fact that they'll need a copy of GTA)

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