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Archive Programs

What archive program do you guys use and can recommend?  

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What archive program do you guys use and can recommend?


I personally use WinRAR since it can handle really big files and many archive types. It also is very fast and integrates itself into the shell very well.


I listed the most used programs in the poll, and you can also post your comments below.

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I have the free WinZip because that's what a page was linked to when I first needed to open zip files.

Lately, I downloaded a free thing called 7-zip because I got a 7z file that I had no idea what to do with. 7-zip can open rar files, so I haven't bothered paying for anything because I have no real need to make my own rar files.


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WinRAR. It can create RAR (The best compression ratio) and ZIP files.

I occasionally use WinZIP if I need to span ZIP files across floppy's (WinRAR can't do this with anything but RAR files for some odd reason), which I need to do with older computers I may deal with, like this 486 laptop I've got sitting here that I've been doing work for someone on. (Don't ask)


You forgot #3 in the big name archiving tools btw. WinACE.


As for 7zip, I've tested it, and read reviews. It's a buggy archiving tool and I don't recommend anyone use it.

It's compression ratio is higher than WinRAR, but it's compression algorithym is unstable and can lead to corrupt packs more often than any other archiving tool.

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