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SidTool seeks Beta Testers !


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Hello folks !!


I worked on some Sidplay2 frontend this week.

I want to release it to everyone interested, but i would like to have someone check it out first.

So, if you like SID music as much as we do, and would like to help me out, please PM me!!





- Easy (?) single Click interface

- Uses the famous sidplay2 engine for playback (Shell calls for now, may do .dll based later)

- Easy access to all the files in HVSC

- Playlist support to play your favorite songs

- Continously play all songs in HVSC (with subsongs optional)

- Support for Songlengths database that comes with HVSC

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Well, though obvisiously noone cares about it here, Sidtool is now the first to support Vice CL sidplayer. Its supposed to be the most accurate sidplayer up to date.

Quite a bunch of improvements have been added over the past days.

Current Version is 0.8.5

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Oh, i never thought about someone not knowing what SIDs are :(


SIDs are like MODs. Means, ripped music files. MODs are Amiga Music files, SIDs are C64 music files. The people at http://hvsc.c64.org collected like 32.000 SID files so far.


The C64 is still famous for its sound capabilities, people still love the tunes that were made on the C64 then. Some even remix them nowadays, see http://remix.kwed.org


Now there are a few SID (name of the C64 Sound Interface Device) emulators out there that play SID-files quite well, but most have a crappy interface and lack certain features.


SIDTool tries to fill that gap, bringing an intuitive frontend for common SID emulators under one easy interface.


ATM im trying to fix the bugs other people encounter, which i cannot reproduce for some strange reasons here. But im on it :)

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Sorry for the late reply, i have had a few busy days.

I did not post on lemon64, i have no account there.

If you have an account there, feel free to post it.

I released 1.0 RC1 a few days ago btw, in case you missed it.

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