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PSP Firmware 2.80 Downgrader Released


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Using the 2.80 Kernel mode exploit found by Team C+D, 0okm has created a downgrader for firmware 2.80. This app will ONLY work with TA-079~081 motherboards. This process is quite tricky, so make sure you understand what you're doing BEFORE you try downgrading. Here are 0okm's instructions:


1. Run moonlight's "FW2.60 DownDate helper" on FW1.50PSP to Dump "FW1.50 File"

  or Download "FW1.50 File" from psp-hacks downdater_final.rar

  Extract downdater_final.rar\DOWNDATER\ all file to ms0:\DOWNDATER\


2. Run FW150IPL_Dumper on FW1.50PSP to Dump ms0:\DOWNDATER\PRX\FW150_ipl.bin

  NOTE: if no FW150_ipl.bin in ms0:\DOWNDATER\PRX\

  Run FW280DownDate4TA-079 will brick your PSP !!!


3. Run FW280DownDate4TA-079 By xLoader

  NOTE: Don't use eLoader to Run FW280DownDate4TA-079

  it will brick your PSP !!!

NOTE: 0okm is not responsible for any effects this app may have on your PSP. As with all downgraders, there is a risk it will brick your PSP. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Source / Download Downgrader v0.01 / Download Easy Installer

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Yeah... I think it goes like this: (Please do not rely on my instructions, as I am not too clear on 0okm's instructions either. :unsure: )

1. Download the "2.60 DownDate helper" and put the "FW1.50 File" it includes into X:\DOWNDATER\ (X is your PSP's drive letter)

2. Run the FW150IPL_Dumper tool to dump "FW150_ipl.bin" into X:\DOWNDATER\PRX\ (NOTE: If you do not have "FW150_ipl.bin" in X:\DOWNDATER\PRX\, proceeding to step 3 will brick your PSP!)

3. Use xLoader to run the FW280DownDate4TA-079 app (NOTE: You must NOT use eLoader to load the app or it will brick your PSP! You MUST use xLoader!).

I hope these instructions clear things up, as English doesn't seem to be 0okm's first language. :rolleyes: Hope it works for anyone who tries it!

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There's a couple installers on other sites. They are supposed to be safer. Damn, still no love for the ta-082 though.

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