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NeoRAGEx v5.4e Released


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Well, I broke down and decided to release my present early for all you Neo-Geo fans (especially for the NeoRAGEx devotees). What's the present? I've translated EGCG's NeoRAGEx version 5.4 (the unofficial continuation of the Neo-Geo AES/MVS emulator) from Spanish to English (as well as some other fixes/text changes) -- which I've dubbed: NeoRAGEx v5.4e. This version vastly improves the compatibility of NeoRAGEx with a whopping 63 more games supported! Here is a screenshot of NeoRAGEx version 5.4... in English! :thumbsup1:




You can download NeoRAGEx v5.4e here. Visit #castlevania on EsperNet (irc.esper.net) if you have questions or comments.

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Very nice! Thanks for that early Christmas gift. Never knew you had any interest in this.

Tested and works ok.


The usual problems of hacked NRX are present:

* Has the usual problem with MGD2 sets (crashes, and destroys the ini file).

* Make sure that neogeo.zip and zlib.dll are in the same folder as the exe.

* Turn on Triple Buffering and VSync otherwise it skips bits of the game.

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