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VirtualPSP status [PSP emulator for x86]


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Hi folks,


I have been working on this for ages, and maybe you guys would like to know what's going on.


I am working on a PSP Emulator for the PC (32bit currently), called VirtualPSP. It is a fully working PSP, but now on your PC. It does read the dumped flash (like devhook) and emulates it. (I'm not gonna post all the technical details here, because only 1% will understand what i mean lol). Here are the first screenshots of me playing my dumped ISO of Daxter.


As you see it is working, but it runs very slow. Maybe it is my PC (1.3Ghz/256MB RAM), but i'll try to fix this and let some people try.


Online play (infrastructure) will be available too, all connecting Peer to Peer. (My server will function as a main host). I need some time to get this fully working though. I can connect to my LAN pc's, but it freezes when the game's loading. I'll try to fix this anyway.

Maybe i can add Ad-hoc function through the internet? (Like KAI)


And no, i'm not gonna release this *yet*. It can take a while, but if i need some testers, i'll PM you.


I would like to recieve some feedback of my work.




Fake? Who knows, I hope to see at least a public version soon. Also there are some screenshots that you can see here :)







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He says he is has a 1.8 Ghz system and seems to know little or nothing technical about the system. I highly doubt this is anything more than a photochopped hoax.

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On closer inspection...


The menus dont have any discernable debug tools... the detected WiFi settings doesnt look like it can be resized to accomodate more than one such setting... as retroK said there is no button to save changes... graphics seem to sport perfect video emulation which is unlikely... firmware would seem more logical to be sorted by version than by the contents of each flash rom... backup registry? PSP has a registry?... and finally a video capture option in 3 different formats? Surely you jest.

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