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PeeJay - Java on your PSP


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From QJ.NET - PSP Updates

The latest entry in our PiMP man's blog reads "Introducing PeeJay!" We knew that our friend was working on something, but he kept us all in the dark. Well, the cat is out of the bag today. The PiMP man just emailed us a few hours ago to unveil this project which he he had been working on for the last few weeks.


Since DickyDick personally mailed us to let us in on this piece of news; and now, we'll be unveiling DickyDick's latest creation: Java on the PSP!


The developer was very enthusiastic about this.


"PeeJay? Yeah PeeJay..! Or call it Psp Java, PimpJava … Java for ur psp! Yep, I made a small port of the j2me (K)VM, making my PSP capable of running JAVA programs.. It was a very easy port…. as the Sun KVM is easy to port. It was done in a jiffy."


The PiMP man was also kind enough to show us a video of his port in action. You can download it below. Unfortunately, that's the only available download here. Where's the application? Well, DickyDick1969 has been unable to release this since he did not get permission from Sun, the creators of Java. Here's what he had to say:


"So why not sharing the stuff ?? (giving you a download link for example…) It’s sad… :shootem::)


I asked SUN for permission for distributing my port and they said I could not (yet) distribute it for some (not to mention here) reasons. At least not now.."


What he also said is that all of you can persuade Sun Microsystems to allow this to be released. So you might want to visit Sun's developer site to give them your feedback about allowing the release of PimpJava. You'll never know - they might just hear you.


Download: [Video of PeeJay in action]



[Via Pimpware.org]

Java on the PSP? That could make for some nice new apps! :blink: I hope Sun lets it get released...

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