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**Unofficial** Win2DS v0.6

Darth Kiera

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Hi! Guessing the subject got your attention. ^^; Anyway, I threw together a really ugly hack of the last official release of Win2DS (updated the wifi lib to the latest version and recompiled the source) which fixed the problems I had connecting to my WEP-enabled router. It had to do with the fact that the wifi lib that 0.5 used didn't have a lot of things written yet. XD;;


So yeah, if you had one of those pesky routers that wouldn't let you connect, give this a go. I do warn that it breaks a couple things along with fixing some others, and I don't have the time right this second to fix it up. ^^; Full details are in the readme.


Oh and yeah. "Tested working." in case you didn't catch that part. :)




Note to the lovely admins: I'd prefer if I didn't have to host this file in the root dir of my limited-bandwidth site for the next year. ^^;;; If it meets with your quality standards, could you like host it on your servers and edit this post to reflect the new URL? o.x Thankses.


If anything is *seriously* messed up, I'd like to know (respond in this thread), but I intended this to be a one-shot thing so unless there's something severe I probably won't be making further updates.

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I've recompiled with the very latest devkitpro r21 and dswifi 0.3.4


I've also made some optimizations which speed it up a lot, the mouse moves smoothly for me now, and screen updates are very fast 0.25 seconds on zoomed mode with full screen set off, or reasonably fast if full screen is enabled.


The initial menu also now displays on the bottom screen as it should.


A bit of advice to anyone who tries setting up with wireless on any older apps (and possibly this one) - DONT USE CHANNEL 0 or 1, make sure you set your channel to something like 10.. took me ages to figure this one out. (Older versions of dswifi had a bug when trying to set the channel to 0 or 1).


If anyone wants to try it out, you can download it from http://rapidshare.de/files/37941108/ds2win.ds.zip.html

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