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  1. Hi! Guessing the subject got your attention. ^^; Anyway, I threw together a really ugly hack of the last official release of Win2DS (updated the wifi lib to the latest version and recompiled the source) which fixed the problems I had connecting to my WEP-enabled router. It had to do with the fact that the wifi lib that 0.5 used didn't have a lot of things written yet. XD;; So yeah, if you had one of those pesky routers that wouldn't let you connect, give this a go. I do warn that it breaks a couple things along with fixing some others, and I don't have the time right this second to fix it up. ^^; Full details are in the readme. Oh and yeah. "Tested working." in case you didn't catch that part. http://shift66.org/Win2DS%200_6.zip Note to the lovely admins: I'd prefer if I didn't have to host this file in the root dir of my limited-bandwidth site for the next year. ^^;;; If it meets with your quality standards, could you like host it on your servers and edit this post to reflect the new URL? o.x Thankses. If anything is *seriously* messed up, I'd like to know (respond in this thread), but I intended this to be a one-shot thing so unless there's something severe I probably won't be making further updates.
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