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Problems running original game on CHankast

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I have the original Shenmue PAL version.

I tried using Chankast to run it but it couldn't detect the game.


Our normal DVD-rom is not equip to detect GD-rom?

Am I forced to find ISO copy of this game? :unsure:

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I did! I get a good offer. RM150 = USD40.

With VMU, 50+ games (all pirated games), 3 DC controllers :unsure:


But it will only arrive this weekend. Just want to try out the original Shenmue that I bought :D

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L.S.D, send me a PM if you want to know how to make images of your GD's.


Nothing against the rules with regards to this that would require talking via PM. If you're well versed in GD ripping, feel free to post a tutorial even.

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