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tekken ghost


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you ave answer it yourself! avoid the initial hit! biggrin.gif


damn, I can't say that doesn’t frustrate me at all, I will have to just deal, despite all it's flaws I do enjoy it. I will have to learn my air juggles well and pay attention to what hits are launchers. not every 3d fighter can be a good as soulcalibur (yes i know its far from perfect it just plays so well) . but this does do me good for the time being. I will have to work a lot harder now that you all have posted ghosts at such levels. Tekken Lord, damn you all, look at you guys, bastards, very envious. ;)

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It goes like this


Beginner - Yellow

9th kyu - Red

8th kyu - Red

7th kyu - Red

6th kyu - Red

5th kyu - Red

4th kyu - Red

3rd kyu - Red

2nd kyu - Red

1st kyu - Red

1st dan - Gray

2nd dan - Gray

3rd dan - Gray

4th dan - Gray

5th dan - Gray

6th dan - Gray

7th dan - Gray

Shihan - Gray

Expert - Gray

Warrior - Gray

Master - Gray

Virtuoso - Gray

Champion - Gray

Lone Wolf - Green

Destroyer - Green

Berserker - Green

Sage - Green

Legend - Green

Fujin - Blue

Raijin - Blue

Deity - Blue

Lord of War - Blue

Dragon Lord - Orange

Tekken Lord - Orange

Dark Lord - Red

Divine Fist - Red

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Try signing up at http://tekken.pspeeps.com/. They have 'ghost sharing packs' for each version of the game that are pretty basic to lay down.


After you get the right one on your stick, you can just paste ghosts into the folder and everything will work smoothly.

Dragonkeeper is right. You can even play against JP region ghosts. Or Korea, if they have it.

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