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Here is the source for Win2DS, both server and nds. It is lightly commented, so unexperienced coders need not apply. It is apparent I won't be doing anything more on this project, so I'm giving the source out to the public for the sake of learning and stuff.







Hey guys a little help please, so I go the program on my SD card and when i load it, it's got nothing but a white blank screen is there something else that i have to do? What does it mean exactly 'HomeBrew Codes'? please help

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i need help my win2ds doesnt work every version doesnt work me me.ok so i start my server i started/ opened port 888 i use d-link router. ok i start my ds i connect to my wfc its done associon or somthing like that its done that it says ebeter your password i didnt put any password in the server and i click enter on my ds its says password rejected. is it my router or wep key i need help. :D

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