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wifi newbie question


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I would strongly suggest scouring the web for UNIX socket programming. I based my code largely off of this tutorial. (I had never touched low level network programming before Dissonance) I also used this directory.


So when I developed Dissonance, I coded a test application alongside it, so I basically wrote a Linux internet radio client in addition to Dissonance. :P Anyways, good luck with your project.

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DS to DS isn't supported yet, a router would need to be in between.


Binaries have been sent to the DS, there is a HTTP downloader out there and bafio's UDP download client.


Hmm, a http downloader eh? Ive never heard of that one x_x; do you have a link?


Definitley! Can anyone provide a link to this? My gf doesn't have a USB port on her laptop. (Well, there is one, but there's problems, long story)


This program would solve many of my headaches!

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