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FBAxxx build 17-05-2006

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FBAxxx build 17-05-2006

>> Team XXX released a new version of FBAxxx(info). What's new/fixed:

* fixed simple1x,scanlines 50 et 75%, simple2x and hq2x filter, the bug was perceptible in tiger heli or other games

* fixed simple1x -] it is now filtered, no more flickering but can result in some performance loss in cps1 or 2, not perceptible

* rewrote simple2x -] 1,5% less CPU time used

* fixed minimenu, it is perfect now

* fixed vmm, should fix last blade2 and other neogeo roms problems

* fixed screenshot filtered in simple1x

* fixed init of YM2151 in finalstarforce

* corrected lowpass filter (not really corrected, but it is like before now)

* added green screen and calendar fix for neogeo boot by IQ132

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the sound was perfect in SVC Chaos in the previous build...try it with this one...the sound crackles and skips durring the intro loop. (with default sound settings and tried low pass on\off same thing)


But other than that the interface is still perfect :)


Thanks gogo!

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