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D.M.E.S. v1.0 Released!


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D.M.E.S. is short for a tech I invented called Direct Media Emulation Streaming. What this plugin does is new and has never been done ever before. It is a on demand content provider for pcsx2. Its tested and works quite well and will be released around the same time PCSX2 0.9 is released. Details to the release are still up in the air. How this plugin works is it uses compression and other caching code to stream the content to your computer while you are playing the game. Its very cool and works really well. With high speed Internet, on avg the load times are only 10/20% slower then having the disk in your dvd player.
Well here it is guys, the plugin everyone has been waiting for. There is no server yet for it but I'm working on that. You can also use this plugin to load local files and run the bios. When using this plugin please check the config form to set it up. If anyone wants to make a FAQ/README for it. Go ahead and post it.

»» Homepage / Download


Thanks to ChaosCode for messaging and notifying me about this new release.

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What exactly does this do ??


*Basically* It streams the game to the emulator over the internet while your playing the game. There are 2 versions in the works. PCSX2 one and one for a unnamed emulator.


Example, My internet connection is 16kps ISDN I streamed GT4 to ingame in like 15 mins. total block size was like 13 megs. It did crash but thats becuase of pcsx2 :blink:

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