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XBox 360 Mod on the way?

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Word is out on the street that a flaw in the Xbox 360 DVD firmware may allow a hacker to install his own custom firmware in there unchecked, and as such gain full control of what the DVD will or will not accept. In practice, this would mean that the drive could gain the capability to boot backups of original game DVD’s by flashing a self-built firmware in there which ignores the mandatory disc signing.

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I've already seen the 360 hacked... using a PSP? Supposedly, someone used the PSP-360 connection and a program on their PSP to play a pirated version of Perfect Dark. Unfortunately, the video on YouTube is gone... :naughty:

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Frimware checks on xboxlive will certainly stop people from wanting to try this. I doubt anybody has bought a 360 for singleplayer purposes.


What makes you think that? I'll NEVER use Xbox Live because it's like paying for Gamespy.........a huge ripoff.

Only about 10% of Xbox owners use Live btw. Microsoft has projected an expectation that 50% of 360 owners in the next year will use Live, and thats a bright (albeit very cocky) outlook.

Not as many gamers give a rats @$$ for online capabilities in their console as you may think. Myself included thinks a console is meant for couch gaming, if I want multiplayer online I'll go where it doesn't suck and is easier done.......my PC.


FYI if you don't think I'm correct on the figures, google it. Microsoft execs have confirmed these figures in interviews.

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XLink Kai is better for online anyway, and XBConnect


EDIT: and its probably like that because something like 6 percent of internet subscribers have broadband (or something realllllly low anyway) or at least thats one reason, that and no one wants to pay

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