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  1. EDIT: I can sent PM' now... weird... if an admin sees this, please forgive me you can delete this...
  2. Hi everybody!!! Long time no see you... Well, I was wondering if anyone knows if there exists a complete mugen game for mvsc2, it doesn't matter if backgrounds or portraits or even the lifebars aren't the same as the original game, I just want it to have the same gameplay as the original and the same characters... does this exist? ah... almost forget, if possible I hope that it will work on that unnoficcial winmugen patched or something like that... I've downloaded that XD. Just if nesesary my system specs are: PIII 933 Mhz 64 MB RAM 11 MB VideoRAM (shared with system memory) Thanks a lot in advance. See ya!!!!!
  3. Geez!!!!!!!!! if this is true we will have a lot of fun here XD!!! See ya!!!!!!! This looks suspisious
  4. Just wonderfull, I allways knew that 1emulation will become the biggest resource in the net, now the best seller of gaming news added the site in a very good place. Now is #9, but fasten your belts because probably next release will place 1emulation in #1, you GameCop and all the team deserve that and MORE! Congratulations!!! See ya!!!!
  5. for new ms5boot you should use this init if your src is based on fba plus! static int ms5bootInit() { int nRet; nNeoTextROMFixType = 2; nRet = NeoInit(); if (nRet == 0) { SekMapHandler(5, 0x2ffff0, 0x2fffff, SM_WRITE); SekSetWriteWordHandler(5, ms5bootWriteWordBankswitch); } return nRet; } if not you should use your decryption routines as you handle them, but the bankswitch handler should be the same as old mslug5bwrotewordbankswitch. See ya!!!!
  6. Hey!! looks pretty good this FBA, congratulations for this work man. Maybe some bootlegs will change as I got CRC's of the real ms5boot 68K ROMs and text ROM as well as real encrypted p1 for ms4plus, I will finish some details and then post the info. Keep the good work. See ya!!!!
  7. Well this game is prefctly emulated in MAME and FBA... FBA only in a something special version XD (You know check my profile XD) See ya!!!!!! P.D. Is no too good at all, you have unlimited stocks even when in max mode...
  8. I could never say something better... Anyway, being as others (that's the idea you're throwing) is like to be a sheep, if they go to the right, you should? I don´t think so, this site has I'ts own way to be and you are different from the other webmasters in the web, you simpply cannot be = to other sites, because you're different, and better. See ya!!!!!
  9. Don't forget those who will think that this is a new KOF XD See ya!!!!!
  10. Well, who thinked that kof10th will be dumped so soon man? maybe this thing will be faster that kof10th extra plus and unique... See ya!!!!!!
  11. That's the reason why I asked if i could put MAME and FBA drivers there, for those who wants to compile this emulators. Anyway you ansewed me a critical question, I'll make a new theread for those who are interested on compiling. See y a!!!!!
  12. Sure they can go there? is a nebula/kawaks 1.56+loader dats thread... See ya!!!!!!
  13. Hi man!!!, this can cause problem to you man (less than 4 words XD) BTW... now that I see you, can I post game drivers here (even for newer games like samsho5sp)?... just if anyone is interested in compiling emulators. See ya!!!!!
  14. You don't need to use that emu actually, there are more emu's (non official of course) that can emulate it, and without the GFX error that this game presents on that "X" emulator. For giving a clue they are bassed on MAME and FBA sources. See ya!!!!!!
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