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DS2Key 0.4 Plans


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DS2Key 0.4 is almost ready to be released, not sure how long this will take but it shouldn't be long. The following is what needs to be touched up.


1. Disable menu and buttons when in input-mode.

2. Add Disconnect Button

3. Add Icons to Menus

4. Enable Tools, and re-implement Wardriving

5. Adjust some of the graphics


Also, here's a screen shot



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Are you making any changes/adjustments to the wifi wardriving tool by chance?


No, not in this version, I'll try to do is when I have the time, I think I'm just gonna add in the old text version on this one, not even bother with a window for it. The text and such will look more like the current ds2key though.

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This is pretty nice, but what I'd really LOVE is if you 'fused' wardriving and selecting an access point to connect to.


The reason I'm saying this is because when wardriving, it shows access points and their connection rate, meanwhile, when you select Connect to AP, you only see the names, and not the connection rate.


The problem occurs when several APs are named the same thing (such as in my campus, as I explained in another thread, in gbadev.org forums), so I'd really LOVE to see which one I am connecting to :blink:

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