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  1. Wardriving stuff still works that's all I use it for Are there any wardriving only apps out there btw?
  2. lucky644

    DS2Key 0.4 Plans

    Nice. Are you making any changes/adjustments to the wifi wardriving tool by chance?
  3. lucky644

    DS2Key 0.4 Plans

    That sucks I'm surprised you didn't keep backups, if I were a coder I think I'd be paranoid.
  4. lucky644

    DS2Key 0.4 Plans

    New interface is very nice. To be honest, I primarily use the app for wifi wardriving....so any improvements to that would be great On a side note, why do I get a 35% reading from my router (in my room, and at best I can get 45%) Is it a limitation of the wifi on the DS, or a glitch perhaps? The app seems to pick up more routers than my laptop, it's range seems to be pretty good so I was doubtful that it is underpowered.
  5. The touch screen works for me using the method I outlined. Any other way would bring up the app, and it would just freeze there.
  6. Just a heads up, in order to get this one to work, I had to rename the dskey.ds.gba one to.nds (the one already with.nds wouldnt work), and run it though the m3 perfect software (no trim, complete copy) in order for it to work. Just incase anyone else has problems
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