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DS2Key 0.4 Plans


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I'm just looking for ideas on what people think should be included in DS2Key 0.4, or later versions.


Right now I'm working on a new interface from scratch for the DS side of things. Here's a developer screen shot. post-8539-1140666600_thumb.jpg


One of the things I'm thinking of adding in, just as a little added extra is a PC->DS Clock synchronizing tool.


Also mouse support will be reworked so its more useable, and customizable. If its not in this version then 0.5 will have it for sure.


All suggestions, notes, complaints, ideas, etc, are appreciated.



On another note, I'm currently also working on a new application, it's not wifi compatible, and won't be for the first version or so, but I thought i might as well say something about it and show an image.post-8539-1140667295_thumb.jpg

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You are still trying to get it working on the GBAMP again, right?


I wish I had some ideas for future versions, but I've got nothing.



ps. Loving the new interface. Can't wait to get to use it.


The gbamp problem will be fixed, if possible could you help test it before I release it, as I do not own one.

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New interface is very nice.


To be honest, I primarily use the app for wifi wardriving....so any improvements to that would be great :)


On a side note, why do I get a 35% reading from my router (in my room, and at best I can get 45%)


Is it a limitation of the wifi on the DS, or a glitch perhaps? The app seems to pick up more routers than my laptop, it's range seems to be pretty good so I was doubtful that it is underpowered.

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how about this:

Force Feedback feature: using the Metroid Pinball modul

autofire: Option on/off in the menu of ds2key on DS


Wardriving: Reading the gateway & subnetzmask without entering a pw(if WEP/WPA is off and SSID is on). I found a lot of Hotspots with WEP off and SSID on, but i cant play online with these ones, because of the neccessary subnetzmask and gateway.

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I could test with my GBAMP as well, so if you need any pm me.


But suggestions, suggestions...

Maybe some way people can make extensions for games. Kind of making your own Interface (with an image or something) and attach a key command to it, so when I press it it would send this key command to my pc.


So If would for example play Counterstrike (not much of a cs player, but I think everyone knows the game :peopleseybrow:) I could use my touch screen to buy my own weapon kits with just a press of a, ehm, screen ;).


Just an idea, sounds like a lot of work too, but its an idea :P.

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I don't know about the sound streaming. Isn't ds2key a program that we use as a gamepad for your pc (or just as a remote control). Not that I don't like the idea but I think that should just be a different app.


Auto reconnect sounds cool and shutting down the pc as well. I don't see the use for shutting down your DS with your PC.


Just my opinion!

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ds2key is used to play and/or controller your apps/pc with it.

if u controll for example winamp, it should stream sound to your DS(with on/off function).

if u go on toilet, u can still listen to the music and if you dont have loudspeakers u can use your ds as a speaker ;)


shutting down your ds with your PC is just a little useless idea by myself :peopleseybrow: irgnore it if you want to...


another idea:

see the song(ID3 Tag) on ds which is currently playing on your pc(and perhaps the whole medialibrary)

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