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Tekken for PSP


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i dont remember steve with a tail




Yoshimistu with kunimistu's mask



Christie with an afro



Kazuya with kurabara's wig  :banghead:



namco is defintely smoking something...



Well you get the point, if the actual TK5:DR hopefully gets ported to psp, IT will have 100+ or even more items than before...

You didn't get what I said... retard.

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You didn't get what I said... retard.

explain what i dont understand..


Not a 100+.

rofl..ok 64 new items..

They just added the ability to edit the extra costumes from T5.


You can't use my shiet, get your own shiet. Go on, get em. Old.©

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they seriously need to do something about the music they put in these tekken's.The Game looks Great  :lol:

FINALLY! Someone thats sees it other then me!


Sorry to revive but...


Tekken 5 music all round is acceptible, but it also has some really good BGMs.


The BGMs from Moonlit Wilderness, and both Cathedral stages (Antares, and the snow one from DR) are great. Im serious.

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