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GBAMP/M3/etc. version released!


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Hey Chuckster!-Listen,Ive been defending you on this E.T. thing.I was like seven then.It was the first game i beat.It holds a high place on my own personal list(if there was one.there isnt,but E.T.would be up there.)

The split on that one leans more their way than ours i guess(ive seen it ranked as the worst game of all time in a couple of places)

Oh well.Whenever they dig them all up in new mexico,more copies for us!.

Sorry about that.Anyway,I cant get 0.7(sound)to run with my mk3 at all.0.6 media rev.works(slowly),and i love it.But help us with mk3 out on 0.7.thanks



EDIT:I can get some results,glitchy sound,a few sprites(whatever-grafix,anyway)at the top of the screen.

I'm kinda doing a little ()testing for the MK3(I am a tester,but I do not represent the company or anything!!!!),and I think it's the device.(MK3).Something to do with the i/o speed(?)something-or-other,methinks.They have come a long way in a short time(recently,at least),so maybe it'll get worked out.


Anyone else have different results with the MK3?


I'll let you know if anything changes for me.


I hope it's soon.I have an Escape I need to make with Journey!!!!!!


(I love those groupies!)

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