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guy flies 50 feet in the air using waterbottles

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Episode 42 — "Steel Toe-Cap Amputation, Bottle Rocket Blast-off"


    * Original airdate: Nov. 09, 2005


Myth statement  Status  Notes

Steel-toe boots are more dangerous to your toes than normal boots when a heavy weight is dropped on them. Whereas a normal boot would just crush your toes, a steel toe would curl and crumple in, cutting your toes off.  Busted  Using similar tests to those used to test steel toe boot certification, Adam and Jamie determine that your toes are much safer with steel toe boots than without. There was no toe-cutting curling of the steel toe, and even using a blade attachment didn't work, only glancing off the steel toe to cut right above where it ended.

According to a Japanese trivia game show, it's possible to use fifteen 3-gallon sized water bottle rockets to launch a human 40 meters.  Busted  While bottle rockets, on their own, can launch 1/15 of Kari's weight a fair distance, combining them into one super-rocket did not have enough thrust to give the simulaid the trajectory or distance stated by the television show, and was considered too dangerous by paramedics to feasibly be used to launch a human being. More bottle rockets proved to only add to the difficulty and complications, and water cooler jugs were surprisingly weaker than standard soda bottles, failing at around 60 psi less than the soda bottles (90 as opposed to 150).


The Water Bottle Jetpack from the Japanese Game Show. Despite the existance of this clip, the travel of the man strapped to the 'jetpack' looks unreal.



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