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winrar help.....


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you'll have to convert them into an mpeg format, then go over to the command line in their directory and do


copy /b NameOfFile01.mpg + NameOfFile02.mpg NameOfNewFile.mpg


the white space between the second file and the name of the new file implies "equals" sort of speak

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Now I have a problem too.


i have two file:





How do I combine these two?


I don't know what the above replies were in regards to, but thats ONE archive.......open only the first file and extract. I didn't read the first page of this thread though, so maybe I'm missing something.

Nevermind, I read it. BOTH of you simply need to open Winrar and navigate to te first file and extract, or do "Open With" on it and select winrar.

Theres NO "combining", it's just a multipart archive. Extract ONLY the first one. Renaming is a waste of time btw, you can work with them the way they are.

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