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Neoragex 5.3 released


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Maybe i'm doing something wrong but the emu does not recognise my roms unless i open up neorage.ini and input the name of the game,,for example kof2003.zip or mslug5.zip etc,,and there are a lot of them and it's kinda hard to to all of them..that's why i was wondering if someone can help me out with a ini file where every game is written.

Also the emu is in spanish,can't we translate into english?

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Also the emu is in spanish,can't we translate into english?

No, unless you know how to hack the exe. I've tried it before, only to find out that the executable is compressed.


It's really strange that the emulator forces you to edit the ini by hand. Besides, you can't really tell where to type the set names.

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You can tell where to type the rom name but it's really complex job so please post a good.ini for me somewhere..

I just took a look at it, and yeah, you can tell where to type the set names. However, that is extremely difficult unless you know exactly the contents (and game positions) on the list.


I'll take a look at it, but don't be holding your breath now.


EDIT: My KOF2003 works fine, although it only appears at the bottom of the list (which usually means that the data on the P1 doesn't exactly match what written behind the KOF2003 gamelist placeholder.

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I tested this 5.3 and I have to say it's not really much of an advance.


The text is all in Spanish (or Portugese?), and cannot be changed.

It crashes or hangs occasionally.

Ghostlop doesn't work (works only in 4.8).

Diggerman doesn't work (never has in NRX).

The new games aren't that "new", they just weren't in the main list before.

And a rather annoying bug, I've set the volume to full in the settings (it gets remembered), but it is ignored, you start a game and it's at 80% volume, I need to press 6 twice to get to 100%. Then restart NRX and it's back to 80% - even though the audio menu says its 100%.


About the .ini file, I just clicked the middle button (DETECT), and it brought my games in just fine. No need for messy manual updating. I'm at a loss to understand your problem.



KOF2003 appears in the main list and works but no transparencies.


The only games that appear at the bottom are:

Chaos demo (works)

Lost Temple of RA (works)

kof2004hero (doesn't work)

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