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Retromags would like to extend an offer to any Moderators and Administrators of 1Emulation, sign up at the RM site and and you will be granted a Life Time Premium Membership that will give you 1.8GB of bandwidth per week. Just send me a private message over here, with the user name you chose over at Retromags.

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What does this premium membership entail, exactly?



1.8GB of downloads per week, and a warm fuzzy feeling*






Warm fuzzy feeling side effects include a wide variety of potential problems. The less-severe side effects are temporary nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and a rash. The more serious side effects of warm fuzzy feeling include the following (and more):


· hypertension

· heart problems

· gastrointestinal bleeding

· kidney failure

· nightmares, hallucinations

. rectal bleeding

· depression

· pulmonary embolism

· fever, chills

. hairy palms

· edema (swelling) of the face, lips, neck, or hands

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I can only hope that the forum is improved since I was there...


There was a FAS which kept playing up and was eventually removed (it was the only reason I went there).


The downloads were under lock and key, and the only thing I grabbed turned out to be in an unreadable format.


There was a news forum, but it was moderated - and I hate moderated forums!


So I left.



Edit: ok, the FAS works again...



Robert attacked Phillyman with a Hydrogen Bomb (1382 str) and took off 1821!

Phillyman has 428 HP left!

Phillyman counterattacks with a Hand Grenade (410 str) and takes off 606!

Robert has 1404 HP left!

During the battle you stole: 0 Gil!!!!


You gain: 691 EXP points!!!!


Congratulations you have gone up a level!!!!

Your Max Hp went up by 6 and your Max Strength went up by 10.



The files are in CBR/CBZ format... whatever that is.

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I have yet to check this out myself, one of the admins on my forum gave me a heads up about your website. When I get the time it sounds nice to check out.


Not a bad idea to keep scans (An online Museum Perhaps) of retro/gaming magazines and articles which I presume is what your site is about according to the description. :P

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