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FBA Plus! [u5] released!


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Whats new:



v0.2.95.23 [u5] - 07/12/2005






New Games:

- Varth - Operation Thunderstorm (920714 World) [CPS-1].

- King of Gladiator [Neo-Geo].

- Lansquenet 2004 [Neo-Geo].

- The King of Fighters '96 Plus [Neo-Geo].

- The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II - Challenge to Ultimate Battle [Neo-Geo].

- The King of Fighters 2005 Unique - All Team Battle (set 2) [Neo-Geo].


Working now new games:

- Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (960529 Asia) [CPS-2].




- [Neo-Geo] Changed name in The King of Fighters Unique - All Team Battle into

  The King of Fighters 2005 Unique - All Team Battle (set 1) to match with

  title screen.

- [Neo-Geo] Optimized code to emulate sound in Lansquenet 2004.

- [CPS-2] Renamed sfz3a into sfz3ar1 to match latest MAME.

- [CPS-2] Renamed ROMs in ddtod to match latest MAME.

- [CPS-2] Renamed mshvsf into mshvsfu to match latest MAME.

- [CPS-2] Renamed ddsomr1 into ddsomr2 to match latest MAME.


*Thanks to Jimmy_Page, IQ_132 and Robbert for their help and drivers.


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It shows me that the newer games are locked.. why's that? and how do I change it? (I tried to change the lock option in the fbapa.ini file from 0 to 1 and the opposite and nothing works.. :\) any help?..


inside the folder that your fba.exe is in,

go to the config folder,

then open fba.ini (or fbap.ini or whatever.ini)


find this:


// If non-zero, enable locked games

// 1=Disable, 0=Enable



change that number after nLockGames to a 0 or 1, (if it is 0, change it to a 1, etc)

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