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KOF Magic Plus II and Maximum Impact


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Yes some code is needed. I've posted it, together with kf2k5uni and the working kog over in IQ's area.  :blink:



I don't actually have a decrypted kog but it's easy enough to make.

Might see if I can get it working with NRX.



Yeah I found them. Plus I found out why the decrypted version of kog did not work. I had an init been used when it should not have been.

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neo_pcm2_swap comes with mame as standard. It's the same as the playmore routine with the the illegal games removed.

static void neo_pcm2_swap(int value) /* 0=kof2002, 1=matrim */
unsigned int addrs[2][2]={
 {0x000000,0xA5000}, /* kof2002 */
 {0xFFCE20,0x01000}}; /* matrimelee */
unsigned int xordata[2][8]={
 {0xF9,0xE0,0x5D,0xF3,0xEA,0x92,0xBE,0xEF}, /* kof2002 */
 {0xC4,0x83,0xA8,0x5F,0x21,0x27,0x64,0xAF}}; /* matrim */
UINT8 *src = memory_region(REGION_SOUND1);
UINT8 *buf = malloc(0x1000000);
int i, j, d;

for (i=0;i<0x1000000;i++)

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Im new to this PC emulator games, i just found out lately these games can be played on PC platform. I've been searching the roms for the game KingOfFighter 2002 Magic Plus for months and cant manage to find them. The only ROMS i've got so far is "kf2k2mp2.zip" which got 3 .bin files in it.


But according to MaMeworld.com, i still need alot of files before i can put them together and play the game. So if any1 here kind enuff please let me know where can i downoad those files, it will be most appreciated. If my request against the policy, im appologize and PM me instead, thx !

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