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Mame32 related releases


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MAME32FX 0.102u1 released.



Updated to MAME 0.102u1 - MAME32 0.102


- Added another tab to the GUI to display alternative/extra snapshots.

- Added some features/improvements to the GUI from ZetaMAME32 build.

- Code clean-up in the auto volume adjustment feature.

>> Get it HERE


Mameinfo.dat v0.102u1 -> HERE


Mame32Hp4 0.102u1 -> HERE


MAME32PlusSpecial v0.102u1 (no link)


MAME32Plus! orz 0.102u1 (no link)


History.dat 1.05c -> HERE


MAME32qa -> HERE


AgeMAME 29u1 -> HERE


MAME Plus! is now synchronized with MAME 0.102u1 as reported on AEP Emulation Page, below are the features that are unique to MAME Plus! which have also been added in this update.


- updated 'Save State' treeview

- added a kof96 bootleg and some missing neogeo decrypted games

Visit the hompage by clicking here.


Thanks to olaf for the Mame Plus! information.


This will add Dark Horse to the AGEMAME game list as well, so I’ve changed the internal version number to 29u1.
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I wrote the driver for what they call kof96ep, and posted it on Romshare. Now it appears, letter-perfect, in mameplus emu. They did not ask permission to use it in a public emulator, nor did they give any credit.


If they had asked, I would have allowed it - but I always require credits be given.

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So edit his post and put my post in it -- so it shows on the frontpage, instead of defeating the purpose of the frontpage.


I was doing that. Just had a small problem with your post since it was merged with this one and it could not be deleted. I had to delete my post which was above to fix the problem.


All fixed now. Maybe robberrt can clean it up if he likes so it may look better.



So they've moved.


They are code stealers. They used my source code and didn't give credit.



You can try there forum :)http://emu.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/light/light.cgi

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