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Monitor Upgrade


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I need to upgrade my monitor. This monitor is small, and it makes Sonic feel weird. So I was thinking about upgrading to my TV. I've seen people output their video to their TV before, so how can I do it?


EDIT: While I'm here, where can I get a device that would allow me to use other controllers (say an authentic SNES of GENESIS controller) with my tower?


EDIT: More extensive Newegg searches have revealed video cards with TV output. So rather than knowing what they are, I need to know more about how to judge their quality.

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Well, Quality will be quite ugly. But its not the graphics card that sucks, its the TV. A TV cant do these high resolutions you are used to from a Monitor. Text will also be very blurry and you may have to use a bigger font.

I have some comp hooked to my TV on a FX5200 which i use for emulation only. Its ok for N64/SNES, Genesis, Amiga and stuff, but you cannot work with it. Too blurry.

But its ok to pick your game and fire the emu, then switch to fullscreen and you are set.

Try to get a decent pad, like the logitech wingman cordless.

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I want a Dell 2405FPW soooo bad. Those things also have a composite input so you can connect your consoles straight to it I think. I've seen pics of the XBOX 360 running on it and it's quite orgasmic. But they are VERY expensive.


Upgrading to a TV is not upgrading at all, you'll be trading size for resolution and that's a big no-no. Unless you have an HDTV then it's fine. 720p is a fine resolution. But again, those are very expensive.


What you could try to do is go to a thrift store since they sometimes have monitors that aren't too shabby. They may be dirty but sometimes they work. I don't know, just a suggestion.

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beamers have the downside they go broken quite often, especially the lamps inside, and they are very expensive. My hint is, check lamp repair costs first. Not you get surprised afterwards.


I'd love to play Resident Evil on realsize once, or maybe Silent Hill.

One day, i will get a beamer too i hope :)

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on a hdtv? I don't see why not :)

Pssh. Just because TV is HDTV doesn't mean the computer could run it. Some HDTVs will get stuck in 800x600 because it's a 720DPI setting. Higher the DPI = higher the resolution possible. <3 Call for Help


On the plus side, 800x600 looks BAD ASS on HDTV. But the thing is, it's 800x600! TV's aren't meant to be replacements for monitors(even if their hi-def) which is why it's like that. Get a BenQ or one of em badass Dell monitors.

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