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  1. hey guys is been a long time since ive read thozxse news but where it will be coming up somthing more real like a demo or any thing else
  2. hey man dont forget to take the ninja gaiden black and doa 3 and ultimate
  3. bettet if you use fbaxxx it will be more eficent pm to me if need more info
  4. no the standard kawask should not work but just the kawask loader1.46 with the aprorpriate dat and in fbaxxx(for xbox special edition compiled by me) that include som hacks more infos in pm if you need
  5. hey the play staion version is pretty good set no frame skiping and set the game speed to turbo 8 and the game should play nice
  6. yeah guys ninja gaiden black is great especially the mison mode and the master ninja dificulty on story mode as for the hurricane pack i think there is no way to get it without live cause i even manget to get a working save but when it starts to load it asks a gamertag
  7. hey alexus please post any picture and if possible send me the mugen for xbox arbertota@gmail.com and i thing xbox is great
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