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I'd highly suggest you ditch Real Player entirely and get ahold of Real Alternative. The Real Alternative codecs allow you to play RealMedia in other media players.

Real Player is and always has been, buggy, a resource hog and full of junk you don't (Or at least shouldn't) want on your PC.

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is real alternative a codec? it would be interesting to run.rm files on wmp or mpc. I think.rmvb is a derivative of.rm dude.


also where could I get a codec that plays quicktime movies? I dun wanna download that crap.


Download Quicktime Alternative, just like the Real Alternative codecs....but for QT.

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I remember I once installed real alternative and it didn't even work :ph34r:



any comment on that Cinder?


anyway quicktime alternative sounds sweet hope it works.


No, not really. The first time I used it when it was still a relatively new thing.....the browser plugins for both formats refused to work. Works fine now though.

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