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I remember I once installed real alternative and it didn't even work :ph34r:



any comment on that Cinder?


anyway quicktime alternative sounds sweet hope it works.


No, not really. The first time I used it when it was still a relatively new thing.....the browser plugins for both formats refused to work. Works fine now though.


excellent, gonna search them and add them to my codec list hehe

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well thats because its MTV, They went downhill a LONG time ago hehe


Oh I know that, but I had to test out the codec somewhere........and it's the only placee I know that uses RM. I tend to stay away from the sites that do, because they tend to suck (Doesn't anyone who uses RM?)

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only reason RM is used in commercial web sites is because real sponsors them to use it


Even with my hatred for Microsoft (There are numerous reasons, and if one needs to ask why one hates Microsoft....one needs to get off the internet RIGHT NOW!) I'd much prefer WMA/V over RM......by a longshot.

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