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Capcom vs. SNK 2 (ehh some version)

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the selection of characters are delicate.. i'll begin with Stone Cold on my team :)

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I'd say Stone Cold too :D !!!
Its time to whoop a can of of whoop-@$$!!

Stone Cold Vs. Saddam

JR: Stunner!! Stunner!! BAH GAWD!!

PS: Even though its 3 person teams, it could happen. :) :lol:

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Saddam VS Bush

Saddam has military experience. He is a completely psycho who puts his family in acid baths. Hard man but has a big gay moustache.

Bush has no military experience, he can't talk properly and he is a drunk. He has a variety of devastating special moves.


Bush drinks a bottle of gin and starts the fight by saying "I loovvesh your oil Sandy, guimme soooooome pleeeesh".

Saddam retaliates by farting at Georgie! Nooooo Chemical warfare!!

Bush takes a stool and hits Saddam on the back with it, taking away a whole quarter of his energy!

Saddam gets up and and throws sand in Bush's face. Bush can't see and can't counter. Half his energy goes!

Saddam uses his "50 body doubles move" to have 50 identical guys on screen all kicking George Bush's ass. Bush is in trouble!

Bush can see once again. He uses his "impose sanction" move and shackles Saddam down, killing all his body doubles. WHAM Bush uses the Daisy uppercuttercut to knock Saddam into next week.

Both guys have a tiny bit of energy! Who will win!? Bush pulls Donald Rumsfeld out his ass and throws him at Saddam! Rumsfeld begins to talk.....zzzz....sleepy....WAIT Saddam dodges and uses A PRETZEL!!!!!!!!! BUSH FAINTS! SADDAM WINS!


I eat too much sugar :)

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:) @ DCL.

you nailed it exactly dude! :D

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