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Do my eyes deceive me?

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Lol jaguar system

Heh, the Jaguar's controller was so bad... I finally managed to get my hands on the real console in a convention back in late-2003. For a 64-bit system, 98% of the games were subpar, with only a handful of gems.

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personally, games were getting so similar and so multi platform, i was starting to suspect another videogaming crash (like in the 80's where similar issues had arrised) maybe nintendo can once again save the industry.


btw, just for the record ( yes i know gryph answered this), but the industry as it is, would've NEVER been the way it is if it weren't for nintendo.

in fact, i don't think there WOULD be an industry if it weren't for nintendo. it saved teh industry from the 80's crash.

and almost EVERY idea for console (and some pc) games have a major nintendo background in it (like gryph mentioned).


dpad, nintendo.

more than one button NOT on a keyboard, nintendo.

platformers, nintendo.

shoulder buttons, nintendo (ever notice how the ps pad looks like a warped snes pad?)

force feedback, nintendo.

lightguns, nintendo.

and more.


I tend to disagree. Yes, Nintendo revived the industry, but if they hadn't then someone else eventually would have. I seriously doubt we would have no video games today without Nintendo, that idea is rather silly, IMO.


As for your other points, there were several controllers that had multiple buttons before Nintendo. Some were number keypads (not keyboards), but if you don't count those (you should) then look at systems like the 5200 or Vectrex.


If you consider Donkey Kong to be the first, then, yeah, Nintendo made the first platformer, though it could be argued that Pitfall is the actual predecessor to sice scrolling platformers like Super Mario Bros. Though I will admit that Nintendo has done the most to advance the genre.


Shoulder buttons... maybe. But if you again look at a system like the 5200 you will notice it has the buttons on the side which is the same concept.


Force feedback... for consoles, yes. But force feed back was around before Nintendo brought it over to the console arena.


Light guns... again, no. Maybe they can be given credit for making them popular with consoles (though they aren't really all that popular), but they didn't invent them (Link Scroll down)


Nintendo has done a lot for the industry no doubt about it, but I get a little sick of people that act like Nintendo not only hung the moon but they invented it too.


without getting into a huge reply (which i'll do later, but i don't have time now) did you notice the bold part? mainly, i didn't say nintendo STARTED everything, but i said MAJOR BACKGROUND in CONSOLES. not pc, not started, the points after that line are just to give examples.



and no, actually i don't believe another company would've revived the industry, at least not as effictively or as fast as nintendo did, why?

because it was a CRASH, all the hardware makers were falling, as were the software makers... they were going DOWN.


it required a new kid on the block, and no offence but sega back then wasn't known for it's original console concepts (did you ever see how identical the dpad for the master system was to the nes pad?). there were pretty else no other hardware manufacturers that could've done it.

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