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New DS shipping out this Nov.


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Nintendo's handheld Wi-Fi revolution is almost here. The gravy train's first stop is Mario Kart DS on November 14th and a the "Hot Rod Red" bundle featuring a hip, red-colored Nintendo DS packaged with Mario Kart DS - and can actually save you about $15 - on November 28th.


The bundle will retail for at a MSRP of $149.99 and comes with a checkered-flag wrist strap and a series of racing decals. So, no, the ugly flames you see in the official images released by Nintendo don't seem to come standard on the machine; you can pick and choose which stickers to slap on.


You'll have to wait a little longer for the Hot Rod Red bundle, but considering the avalanche of videogames headed to the market in November, waiting two weeks for a cheaper deal might not be a bad idea for those currently without a Nintendo DS.



Game news isn't really streaming in by the stock pile.

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I think they're large enough...

Aside from that, wouldn't it get quite pixelated that way?

The PSP's screen's larger, but so is the resolution...


And the trend seems to be to make 'em smaller anyway (GB Micro comes to mind)...

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